Herbert Howells

125th Anniversary Tribute

17 October 1892 - 23 February 1983

To mark the 125 anniversary of Howells birth the Archive is delighted to announce weekly uploads of his music to our Youtube channel

The highlight of our tribute will be recordings of his named Evening Canticle settings sung by the choir for which they were written.  

Two of these settings are rarely heard; one being his Dallas Service and the other his St Augustine Service and to enhance this unique series of uploads, the performances are not studio bound, but live recordings from actual services - which, of course, is their raison d'etre.

On the day itself!

We present the 1966 Radio broadcast where Herbert Howells talks about his work and introduces a programme of his music.  And what a gem it is... mark this in your diary!

The music & services selected for our tribute reside in a dedicated playlist
on our Youtube Music Channel
.....so you need never miss an upload!

Click the menu to your right to open the playlist

Weekly uploads of Howell's music until the 17th October.