A century of recorded church music

​​Join me in a journey through a century of recorded church music with the latest revised video presentation, written and narrated by myself.  

Using my original narration, the presentation has been completely re-designed with additional photographs and musical examples, many of which now play in their entirety, rather than short extracts. 

This new video is presented in Wide Screen HD for pin sharp clarity and designed to be watched in 'Full Screen' for optimum viewing.

"A masterpiece ..... a triumph ....totally engrossing ....a tour de force ....the most enjoyable hour I have spend in a very long time ....I could barely tear myself away" Comments by viewers

The First Fifty Years
by Colin Brownlee
This article, which I wrote for 'Cathedral Music' magazine in 2018, charts the first fifty years of church music recordings on 78rpm records.   I hope it may be of interest.