World's largest archive

A breakdown of the numbers held in each of these types and categories of recordings
as at April 2018

444                  Radio broadcasts of services, concerts & recitals
2000               BBC Choral Evensong broadcasts
381                  TV broadcasts of services, concerts & recitals
380                  Radio & TV documentaries
65                     Privately recorded & In-house video/DVD
20                     Home movies
53                     Choir promo video/DVD
32                     Music promo video/DVD
71                     Commercially released video/DVD
60                     Special or Private Pressing  on shellac 78rpm, Vinyl, cassette & CD
47                     Test Pressings on  shellac 78rpm
48                     BBC Transcription discs on shellac 78rpm & Vinyl
12                     Un-issued recordings on Vinyl & CD
1500               Private recordings on reel-to-reel tape, cassette and CD  (each recording is a one-off copy)
2500               Commercial CDs on international labels, independent labels & small independent labels
650                  78rpm shellac records
250                  Commercial cassettes 
1700               Vinyl records 

A grand total of over 10,00 individual recordings, representing the 815 different choirs in the Archive making it the world's largest collection of recordings by men and boys singing in the 
English Cathedral tradition.